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Steps to franchise in Taiwan

  • 01Fill out a franchise form online
    and participate in a seminar
  • 02Meet with supervisor
  • 03Evaluation by headquarters
  • 04Contract review
    Signing of deposit
  • 05Headquarters assists in store location
    and evaluation
  • 06Signing of official contract
  • 07Blueprint of store measurements
    and design
  • 08Training by headquarters、
    store construction
  • 09Employee training
  • 10Trial operation
  • 11Official opening

Application to franchise in Taiwan

Overseas authorization

  • 01Fill out an overseas franchise form onlineSubmit an overseas franchise proposal, subject to preliminary evaluation and notification by headquarters.
  • 02Video conference interviewAuthorized retailer and headquarters discuss preliminary business location and expansion plan.
  • 03Video contract negotiationsBoth parties discuss conditions and guidelines for authorized retailer via video conference.
  • 04Official meetingAuthorized retailer visits Truedan in Taiwan.
  • 05On-site evaluation by headquartersHeadquarters visits overseas location for business evaluation.
  • 06Signing of official contractBoth parties sign an official authorization contract and settle authorization fees.
  • 07Training in TaiwanAuthorized retailer undergoes training and assessment in Taiwan.
  • 08Refining of flavorsHeadquarters stays at business location, assisting authorized retailer in refining local flavors.
  • 09Preparation for first storeHeadquarters and authorized retailer discuss location, decoration and equipment, etc. of first store.
  • 10Trial operation and grand openingHeadquarters assists authorized retailers in first trial operation and grand opening.
  • 11FranchisingAfter completing the least amount of direct-selling stores, authorized retailers can continue to open franchises.
  • 12Headquarters provides regular supervisionHeadquarters assists and supervises regularly.

Application of overseas authorization

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